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Ramon Moreno

January 25, 1942 ~ April 8, 2019 (age 77)

Born in Santa Isabel, January 25,1942, with 16 brothers and sisters. He grew up in South Philadelphia he later moved to Boston, MA where he

Worked as a custodian for the Housing Authority.


He was father to six children, grandfather to 19, great grandfather to 40 children..


Ramon loved cars, CB Radio and flying kites.  He loved to travel, watching movies and  going for long drives. He was well known and liked in The Villages where he retired in 2001.


A few memories from his children:


Raymond (Moe)

What I like about my Dad is that he loved the fancy cars. He had to have one every year and no matter how old he was he was always working. I loved that about my Dad.



I was a teen who was pregnant. I hid it from everyone except my dad. On one of his visits I told him he said to me ‘Don’t e ashamed, you are not the only one to be pregnant’. He took me to buy clothes to fit and, brought a few things for the baby.

After that it was 17 years before I got to see him again but when I did, we made ammends. We had fun being silly and having fun together.



I remember Dad coming for holidays. Especially Christmas time when he would come loaded with gifts for us. The thing that really stays in my memory is how he would always have a gift for Maritza. She is a cousin and not an actual child of his but he didn't want her to feel left out.

A Poem from Alvin:

I know you have now left us one day we will meet again

Your thoughts, hopes and dreams live on in us

Anyone can be father but, not many can be a dad

Love always your son, my wife and your 21 grandchildren



I've learned by his demonstration, that hard honest work pays off.

To never give up on, nor dout yourself. 

More importantly, never be too hard on yourself, when things don't happen exactly how you want; but to keep trying until you've tried all you can. 

Dad taught me, that though things maybe easy to get, I still have to work to keep; in other words, never take things for granted; be thankful.

and so, I am thankful, for having had the chance to grow and know such a strong willed, and kind hearted man, who I am proud to call, My Dad.

A Thought from Your Wife


Shortie, you have left me with many happyc memories. I will miss your smile, clowning around to make me laugh when I am down.

Most of all, I will miss the honor and privilage of loving you and being truley loved by you.Till we meet again in our father's kingdom, I will always be loving you!


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